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Sailing The British Virgin Islands

August 29, 2016 — by Casian0

IMG_0162We absolutely crushed this trip. It was late October and we were sitting in a small cabin in East Tennessee. Ian was on call for work and I had come to visit and do some motorcycle riding through the amazing autumn foliage of the Appalachian Mountains. We had done an incredible amount of planning for a sailing trip to the BVI, but our schedules hadn’t lined up with the availability of a boat. Before heading out on a morning motorcycle ride we stopped in a coffee shop and I got a phone call from the sailboat charter company. A boat was available, but the notice was extremely short. The saleswoman knew we probably wouldn’t want to book it, but she decided to check anyway. Within five minutes we had pulled the trigger on a week long sail in the BVI. The next day we flew home, grabbed our gear, and took off for the warm turquoise waters of Tortola. IMG_0899


One Weird Trick For Watching Less TV

August 18, 2016 — by Casian

If you want to watch tv don't come to my house. Mine broke. This is a throwback from 2010 when Ian and I were roommates. We were in college and working as low paid corporate pilots. During dinner one evening we were talking about the things we valued in life. We highly valued both productivity and great experiences. Looking across the room at our TV, we realized that it had never provided us with either of those things, yet it cost $100 per month to keep around. A decision was quickly made - it had to go.


One Fine Day

August 17, 2016 — by Casian

Summertime in Florida means brutal heat and good paragliding weather. Combine that with some old tires that need changing and you get a damn good time.